How to Edit and Manage the Preference Pages

Joseph Hsieh

November 22, 2019

How to Edit and Manage the Preference Pages

Understanding Preference Pages

Preference Pages in Klaviyo are pages for subscribing, managing subscribers preferences and unsubscribing. There are two types of Preference Pages in Klaviyo:

  1. Global Preference Pages
  2. List Specific Preference Pages

Global vs List Preferences

Subscribers can access these Preference Pages from the email you send to them. In every Email sent from Klaviyo, you can include a link for subscribers to “Update preferences” or “Unsubscribe”. People will see the Global Preference Pages if Email is sent to a Segment, if the Campaign included more than one List, or if the Email comes from a Flow. If Campaign is sent only to a single List, subscribers that click on the “Update preferences” or “Unsubscribe” will see the List Specific Preference Pages.

To insert a dynamic link for “Unsubscribe” or “Manage Preferences” in your emails, go to your Email Template builder, insert a “Text Block” and from the “Insert Tag” dropdown menu, select the option you want to insert in your email.

Click on "Insert Tag" in your Text Block and select the tag type you want to use.
Click on “Insert Tag” in your Text Block and select the tag type you want to use

The Global and List Preference Pages have some differences between them.

Under the Global Preference Pages there are two different sections:

  • Manage Preferences
  • Unsubscribe

The difference in the List Specific Preference Pages is that they have one additional section, the “Subscribe” page:

  • Subscribe
  • Manage Preferences
  • Unsubscribe

Global Preference Pages

When subscribers click the “Update preferences” or “Unsubscribe” button in the email they receive from you, they will be redirected to one of these pages. This is why it’s important for these pages to be managed and styled properly to match your brand’s look and feel.

The Global Preference Pages can be accessed directly from your Klaviyo Account home page.

Click on "Preference Pages" from the Klaviyo's home page.
Click on “Preference Pages” from the Klaviyo’s home page

The “Style / Design” options are global settings for all  Preference Pages, so they will be consistent across all pages.

While adjusting these options keep in mind that it’s a good practice to make these pages match your brand’s look and feel. Use logo, colors and fonts from your website to keep everything consistent. Matching these pages with your brand style gives your brand a more polished experience.

Klaviyo offers several options you can include in your Preference Pages like checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, dropdown menus and some basic properties of a contact. All of them can be configured to update the Subscriber properties inside Klaviyo.

The interface is straight forward and their drag & drop system simplifies the process of editing these pages.

Preference Pages example

List Specific Preference Pages

The List Specific Preference Pages are slightly different than the Global Preference Pages. The two main differences are the way “Unsubscribe” pages works, and having the “Subscribe” pages section.

To understand the difference between Global and List Preference Pages, first you need to understand how Klaviyo handles lists. Unlike in other Email Marketing platforms, where one subscriber can exist in multiple lists and be handled as different subscribers, in Klaviyo, one subscriber will be handled as a single profile regardless of how many lists or segments that subscriber belongs to.

All subscribers in Klaviyo are nested in the “Profiles” section and in that section one email address can exist only once. On the other hand, that same email address can exist in multiple lists or segments, but that subscriber will still be handled as a single profile in Klaviyo and that subscriber’s profile will be updated regardless of from where it was updated.

This is important to understand if you want to know how “Unsubscribes” are being handled in Klaviyo.

In the Klaviyo Account Settings, you can configure the option for unsubscribes to be a  “Global Unsubscribe.” Depending on these settings, and the settings of the List itself, people can:

  • Unsubscribe only from the list to which the email was sent, but still remain active in other Lists and eligible to receive Emails.
  • Unsubscribe from all future emails no matter to which list the email was sent.

Using the first option is not recommended in most cases, because generally when people unsubscribe they expect to stop receiving emails from that company.  There are some situations where this might be necessary. For example, you have complete and distinct lists of subscribers.

The next difference between Global and List Preference Pages is that the List Preference Pages has the “Subscribe” section. The pages of this section serves as I direct way for people to subscribe to a specific list.

To access the preference pages of a specific list you need to click on Lists & Segments, find your list and open it, and from the options above your list click on “Subscribe & Preference Pages”.

The “Subscribe” section has four different pages.

click on Lists & Segments, find your list and open it, and from the options above your list click on “Subscribe & Preference Pages”.
The four pages of the “Subscribe” section

Click on Lists & Segments, open your list and from the options above your list click on “Subscribe & Preference Pages”

Which of these four pages subscribers will see, depends on various settings and situations.

Subscribe PageThe first page is actually a landing page where people can opt-in to your list. Each of your lists, by default, have it’s own landing page with unique URL. Although this is available to be used, by convention it’s better practice to use other methods to subscribe users.The more conventional way for people to opt-in to a List is through Klaviyo Signup Forms, through your Shopify integration or via third party tools that capture emails and integrates with Klaviyo.

However, if you don’t have time to setup all the various Signup Forms, this is a convenient page to use if you want to capture emails. You can use the list’s unique URL in ads, articles, social media and pretty much anywhere else you can share a link. To find the link of the landing page for subscribing, click on the “Subscribe” box and you can find the link here:

Click "Copy URL" and place this link in the place where you want this page to appear

Click on the “Copy URL” button and paste this link in wherever you want this page to appear

You can design your landing page using the available tools in Klaviyo. Note that each of your lists has its own landing page for subscribing and you’ll have to apply design to each of them separately.

Turn Off Double Opt-in

Depending on your list settings for double opt-in, after subscribing people may or may not be required to confirm their subscription via email. The double opt-in option is enabled by default, and by default this is a feature you need to request access to disable.

To be able to see this option for your lists, you’ll have to contact the Klaviyo Success Team and request access for “Double Opt-in”. After your access has been granted, you need to navigate to your list, click on “Settings” and under “Opt-ins & Unsubscribes” disable this option.

Disabling this option will make subscribers go straight into your Klaviyo Account without the need for verifying their email.

Disabling this option will make subscribers go straight into your Klaviyo Account without the need for verifying their email

If you choose to leave the double opt-in option enabled, the other pages of the “Subscribe” section comes into play.

Confirm Your EmailThe “Confirm Your Email” page is actually a success message of your “Subscribe” page that will notify people that they will receive an email from which they can confirm their email and finish the subscription. This page layout is pre-designed and has limited design options.

Email ConfirmationThis is the actual email that people will receive to confirm their subscription. You have very limited editing permissions here too. Except for the Logo and Body Text, you can’t change anything else in this email. You can still apply your fonts and color in the “Style / Design” block, but you can’t add new fields or text.

Opt-In ConfirmedThis is another success message page. If everything is done correctly when your new subscriber click on the “Yes, I want to subscribe.” button in the confirmation email, they will land on this page that will notify them that they’ve been successfully subscribed to your list. This is a simple confirmation page and you can’t change its structure or add new fields.

Hosted Pages

Besides the built-in preference pages that Klaviyo offers by default, they also have the Hosted Pages feature. This is in case you want to be more flexible with creating and editing the layout of your pages. The Hosted Pages feature enables you to fully customize your Unsubscribe and Preference Pages.

Note that creating a customized page in the Hosted Pages section requires knowledge of creating HTML/CSS. If you decide to use the Hosted Pages feature, this is best done by a developer who is familiar with frontend coding in HTML/CSS.

By default, the Hosted Pages feature is hidden. To gain access to this feature you’ll have to contact Klaviyo Success Team.

Once your request for access is approved, you’ll see the Hosted Pages among other features in your Klaviyo Account.

Hosted Pages - User Interface
Hosted Pages – User Interface



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